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Our Dogs. Proven Success. 

Our dogs are all tested in NAVHDA and are phenomenal in the execution of the tasks we assign them. We have chosen the best line for the type of hunting dog you want. With the most common dogs in the line being VC Gilly vom Bergland, KS Kristian vom Pottseipen and DC Hillhaven's Hustler, you can't go wrong with this line! Now we will have Burgos Pointers for families that prefer a little calmer versatile hunting dog.

Fama De Cogollos (aka. Ninita)

Whelp Date 6/25/2017  ::

NAVHDA Natural Ability - Prize 1, 110
First and only (as of 2/24/2019) to be tested in NAVHDA

Sire - Ali De Cogollos (in Spain) :: Dam - Roca De Cogollos (in Spain)

Color - Grey Ticked :: 25 inches, 65 pounds


Our newest family addition is a Burgos Pointer (Ninita) that we imported from Spain. At 12 weeks of age, I threw a shot pheasant into a field to see what she would do. I was overwhelmed when she ran to the bird, picked it up without hesitation, and retrieved it to hand. I've been in love with her and this breed ever since. She's so easy to train that I've never had to use a check cord or an e-collar to control her. The second bird she ever scented, she pointed. Her field search is methodical, she never outruns her scenting ability (which is amazing), and she tracks like no other. She has pointed more wild pheasants in Ohio (yes Ohio) during her first year than any dog I've ever owned or worked. Ninita loves the water and I can't wait to take her duck hunting soon. She is also a goofy clown and just a fun dog to be around. I took a chance with Ninita as I wanted a dog with a desire to hunt but was also calmer in the home and around the family. I got what I was hoping for with Ninita. She has a fantastic temperament. Although the Burgos Pointer is very popular in Spain, it is scarce in the U.S. I expect the Burgos Pointer to gain popularity here in the U.S. soon.

Baker Valley's Amity

Whelp Date - 7/7/2015  :: 
NAVHDA Natural Ability - Prize 1, 112 @ 10 mos ::

NAVHDA Utility Test - Prize 1, 201 @ 2 years.

Sire - Dream Point's Berkeley :: Dam - Dream Point's C Aspen II
Color - Liver and White Patched, Hot-ticked :: 23 inches 51 pounds

Hips OFA Certified - Excellent


Baker Valley's Amity, at 12 weeks old retrieved to hand, held steady to scent points and searched for anything Ron told her to get. She's a ton of fun and the most cooperative GSP I've ever worked with. Work and play are one in the same with her.

Amity has the type of temperament you wish all your companions would have; energetic, but cooperative, with lots of prey-drive. She is a natural retriever that loves the water. You can't get any better than Amity. She is a complete joy to be around with her zeal for life and an eager to please personality!

Available as a Stud

Dream Point's Berkeley

Whelp Date - 6/28/2011

Natural Ability - Prize 2, 107 @ 10 mos. :: Utility Prize I
Sire - Cooper vom Stillwater :: Dam - Dream Point's Aspen
Color - Liver and White Patched, Ticked :: 25 inches and 63 pounds

Hips OFA Certified - Good

Berkeley is the first pick male from our B-litter breeding of Cooper and Aspen. He quickly becomes the favorite to hunt behind as he often operates as the clean up dog, where, any birds left in a field will be found, and they'll be found by him. He's cooperative, energetic and loves to please.

He's a sight to see in the field, snapping to a rock solid point or tracking down a running rooster. He is steady through the entire pointing scenario until released to retrieve. His retrieves are immediate and directly to hand. Berkeley is a natural backer and looks as intense as if he were smelling the actual bird.

Dream Point's Aspen

Whelp Date - 6/29/2008 :: OFA certified excellent hips

Natural Ability - Prize I, 112 @ 9 mos. :: Utility - Prize II, 200
Sire - Behnke vom Bergland (Skeet) :: Dam - Aeress vom Stillwater
Color - Liver and White Patched, Hot-ticked :: 
23 inches and 54 pounds

Aspen was our pick from our own breeding of Skeet and Aeress. The entire litter turned out excellent. Aspen came out of the womb with all the natural ability in the world. She was pointing, retrieving, and swimming at 8 weeks of age. Her cooperation really shined as she learned to be steady to wing, shot, and fall at 9 months of age after 1 week of training.

She is cooperative and extremely passionate on and off the field. She is intense both in the field and on the water. Her obedience compares to none snapping around on command no matter what she's in the middle of.

Her temperament is perfect for any type of person. She is a powerhouse of a lady, no matter what the task is she will complete it with absolute accuracy and desire. Aspen is easy to teach and even easier to spend time with.

Aeress vom Stillwater & Behnke vom Bergland

These two dogs were the pride and joy of the young Dream Point Kennels.

Skeet, Behnke vom Bergland,  was pick of the litter, and spoiled us forever.  He was our first German Shorthair Pointer, and taught us a lot! He was pointing and retrieving at a very young age.  His desire to please was the biggest asset during our trainings. He quickly learned how to be steady to wing, shot, and fall.​ He is missed, but his lineage is strong in our dogs today!


Aeress was taken from our family during a hunting accident.

Every hunter needs to practice extreme safety precautions, at all times.

Aeress was pick of the litter from two very impressive versatile champions. She came out of the womb with all the natural ability in the world. She was pointing, retrieving, and swimming at 6 weeks of age. Her cooperation really shined as she learned to be steady to wing, shot, and fall at 9 months of age after 1 week of training. It did not surprise us when she naturally backed.


Dream Point's Cedar Chip

Natural Ability - Prize I, 110 @ 1 year :: Utility Prize I before 2 years old

Sire - Chase vom Stillwater :: Dam - Dream Point's Aspen
Color - Liver and White Patched, Hot-ticked :: 24.5 inches and 52 pounds

Cedar was truly part of the family, our pick of the C Litter, and a true delight to work with. This entire litter turned out excellent. Cedar challenged us from the beginning with her intelligence but quickly learned who is boss and aimed to please with everything she did! After retrieving to hand at 10 weeks old, we knew she was something special, and she never let us down.


Cedar was a joy to be around, and was quite the hunting companion that was as biddable and lovable as her mother. Just a few short weeks after she gave birth to her first litter, our F-Litter, we lost Cedar in an accident. Luckily the litter of pups were strong and as smart as their mother and adapted well to the new style of eating -- bottle feeding.


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