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Burgos Pointers

The Perdiguero de Burgos, as the breed is referred to in Spain is a diligent and passionate hunter. The dog was once considered to be a deer specialist. Spanish Pointers then have a cumbersome appearance and were rather slow on their feet but the scenting prowess is second to none. This pointing breed can even qualify as a scenthound. Breeders have refined the hunting qualities of the breed. The Spanish Pointer has become an excellent bird hunting dog although the dog’s size was reduced. Modern-day Spanish Pointers are smaller, standing about two-thirds of the breed’s original height. However, the dog gained speed and agility. The Spanish Pointer is now a much faster gundog that can easily scale steep and hilly terrain. Spanish Pointers are now utilized to point and retrieve hare, and all upland game birds/ducks. This surefooted dog that can cover difficult terrain is an excellent swimmer too. This outstanding breed works equally well on land and water. This is an obedient breed with the inherent canine eagerness to please attitude. Easy to train and used to ignoring distractions when pointing, a Spanish Pointer also excels in hunting trials.

A Spanish Pointer is an excellent gun dog noted for having an outstanding temperament. These well-behaved dogs are noted to be intelligent, obedient and fairly easy to train. This is a gentle breed. A Spanish Pointer loves its people and known to be very patient with children. This dog would tolerate rough handling from the kids. The dog is tolerant of other dogs as well. However, it must be remembered that this is a hunting dog with a high prey drive. Exercise is very important for this breed. Because a Spanish Pointer has great energy it would be a suitable choice for an active family. Apartment living is definitely not for this breed as the dog would need room to explore. A rather large yard would do and be sufficient to ensure that the dog’s excess energies are expended. An under-exercised Spanish Pointer will be difficult to handle and can even be destructive (as any breed that is not exercised adequately).

A Spanish Pointer has minimal grooming requirements. This breed is an average shedder. Regular brushing using a firm bristled brush would take care of the loose dead hair. Bathing may be done when the dog gets extremely dirty. Otherwise, rubbing the dog with a damp towel or a chamois cloth would be sufficient to clean the dog and to maintain the gleam of the coat. Unlike other breeds whose pricked ears are cleaned and dried naturally by the wind, a Spanish Pointer’s pendulous ears would need to be regularly cleaned to prevent infections. Checking the feet for thorns and scratches would be a good idea especially if the dog has been hunting.

The Spanish Pointer is a beautiful athletic breed of gundog with a noble appearance. This breed has a large, broad and well-developed skull, a slightly marked stop and a straight, broad, square-shaped muzzle. The broad nasal bridge is tipped by a large, wet, dark brown nose with well-opened nostrils. The medium sized almond shaped dark hazel eyes have a soft and noble expression. Medium thick, brown pigmented eyelids add to the dog’s sad appearance. Large ears are triangular in shape. Set at eye level, the long soft ears hang gracefully close to the head in a corkscrew fashion.

The strong and powerful neck has well defined double dewlap. A Spanish Pointer’s square body gives the impression of power and agility. This breed has a straight horizontal top line, well-defined withers and muscular back. The broad chest is deep reaching the level of the elbows. Rounded ribs are well developed. The belly is moderately tucked up. The tail that has a thick base is set at medium height. In countries where docking is permitted, the tail is docked to one third or one half of its length. This breed has muscular shoulders and strongly boned forearms. Powerful hind legs have strong well-developed thighs. The thick elastic skin gives the dog a rather heavy appearance. A Spanish Pointer has a smooth short dense hair that is evenly distributed all over the body. Basic coat colors are white and liver. These colors when combined would give the dog a liver marbled or a speckled coat. A heavy ticked coat gives the dog a grizzled appearance. A Spanish Pointer commonly has a white patch on the forehead.



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