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Burgos Pointers

The Burgos Pointer (Spanish: Perdiguero de Burgos), is a breed of dog native to Spain and is extremely rare in the U.S. Originating from Castile, especially in the province of Burgos, this hardy breed is used for hunting and is a natural pointer and retriever. The breed dates back to the 16th century and is believed to be one of the foundation breeds for the German Short-haired Pointer.


The figure of the Burgos Pointer is that of a robust build dog with intense focus and noble appearance.  Things to note are their long ears and two folded sheets in the form of a double chin. The tail is usually cut off a third of its original length, although recently in Europe this is not permitted.


Color: It has two color variations: one where the basic color is stained and/or combined with other brown and brown, where the basic color is brown which is, in this case, white spotted. A white spot on the top of the head is another notable characteristic.


Coat: The fur is short, bushy and smooth. A very low maintenance coat.


Height: Males from 24 to 26 inches and females from 23 to 25 inches


Weight: 55 to 66 pounds with many exceeding this weight.


Like so many other breeds of hunting dogs require daily exercise and large doses of wide open spaces where they run.


It is a gentle/quiet dog who is rarely easily startled and makes an excellent calm companion in the home. It is intelligent and learns easily when it comes to their job of hunting.


The Burgos Pointer is a methodical hunter for the foot hunter and rarely outruns it's nose when hunting. It is used for both hunting rabbits and birds. It is perfect for hunting in any terrain (hard as it is) because it has an enviable physical endurance and speed.​

{ Just a side note} The Burgos Pointer is perhaps the easiest bird dog that I've had the pleasure to work and live with.

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