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The inner workings of Dream Point Kennels

We strive to allow all dogs to develop and reach their full potential.  Our goal is to help each dog realize their owner is in charge.  Dream Point Kennels' training program focuses on the owner's leadership in the field or at home.  We use a considerable amount of dog psychology in our training to get the dog to understand what we want him/her to do.


Ron has been professionally training dogs since 1981.  He trains all breeds for all purposes and for all ages.  All training is done personally, helping Ron to connect with each dog, understanding their temperament, and unlocking the full potential of the dog.  Ron is willing to take on any breed of dog, and trains in many areas including obedience, field work, water work, manners, and correction of habits or behavioral problems.


We only accept 2-3 dogs at a time so that each dog gets maximum attention. This also gives us the opportunity to work with each dog multiple times in a day, and seven days a week to get them back to their homes, and owners, sooner.


All dogs that stay at Dream Point Kennels for training get the most out of each day and are challenged but not over-pressured.  This allows each dog to return home, either completely finished, or, at the very least, with beneficial training with which, if built upon, yields phenomenal results.  We always take the time to teach the owner  what and how the dog's training was accomplished and how to maintain that training once home.

Please call or email as soon as possible if you have any questions about training or if you would like to schedule an appointment.  We accept dogs on a first come, first serve basis, and there is usually a long waiting list. Call us at 937.935.7335 or email us at


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