Our Current Burgos Pointer Breeding!

Ninita and Moose are now proud parents of 7 beautiful puppies born on April 17th 2020. Their next litter is planned for the summer of 2021.


This was the first litter of Burgos Pointers outside of California or Nevada and only the fifth breeding ever in the U.S. This was Dreampoint Kennel's (A) Litter between our beautiful Ninita (Fama De Cogollos) and Moose (Duque de Cogollos).


Both Ninita and Moose were imported from the top breeder in Spain and are registered with the FCI, UKC and NAVHDA. Both are from Champion show and field lines. Both have excelled in the field hunting upland birds and are both wonderful family members.


Ninita has been extremely easy to train from day one. I've never had to use an ecollar or check cord to train her, she just knew what to do and she just always wanted to please me.

Ninita was the first Burgos Pointer to ever run in a NAVHDA hunt test where she received a score of 110 points and a Prize 1. The first year Ninita pointed more wild pheasants (that's right, wild pheasant in OH.) than any other dog I've ever worked with. I attribute this to the fact that her scenting ability is phenomenal and to her methodical hunting style.

Moose is owned by Carlos Romo of Foxredkennels in California. Carlos says this about Moose, "I was amazed at Moose's amazing scent drive at such a young age" "He is the best upland bird dog I've ever had" "Moose is very loyal, protective, loving and most importantly, easily trained." "He is a determined hunter yet he is an amazing family companion in the home."


The number one issue most people have with many different bird dog breeds is their level of energy that some even call hyper. Although my line of GSP's aren't as high strung as many others, they do have tons of energy that must be burned off every day. In an attempt to find a calmer breed of dog that has many of the same attributes as GSPs, I did extensive research and found the Burgos Pointer breed. The Burgos Pointer is one of the foundation breeds that produced the GSP and is an extremely rare breed here in the U.S. (currently less than 50 dogs). In the fall of 2017 I imported my first Burgos Pointer (Ninita) from Madrid Spain. Ninita (Spanish for "little girl") is everything I'd hoped she'd be and much more. Immediately my family and I fell in love with her hound-like looks and her clownish behavior. She is definitely calmer in the kennel and in our home.


Ninita gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies on April 17th 2020. These puppies were all spoken for within a week of their birth.

I am already taking names from qualified families for next years litter which is planned for the summer of  2021.


Feel free to call if you have any questions.


If you have any questions about our breedings please feel free to contact us. Our dogs are top-notch athletic performers - they are bred and trained to succeed wildly in a hunting and outdoor atmosphere. The beautiful thing about our dogs is that even with being bred to do everything we could ever think to ask them to in a field or in water, they also are sweet and gentle with our family. A great companion and a great hunting partner.


Owner, Trainer, and Breeder: Ron Behnke

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