We are expecting a litter of GSP puppies in February of 2022!

The breeding between Dozer and Amity has taken place. We are expecting the puppies to be born in February and ready for their new homes in April.



This will be Dreampoint Kennel's M Litter between our beautiful Bakervalley Amity NA1, UT1 and Abbey Lanes Roll'n Dozer. This is the 5th breeding between these two outstanding dogs (because the puppies they create together are awesome). These future puppies will no doubt be an outstanding litter as this has been proven several times before. Both Dozer and Amity excel in natural talents and cooperation. Both of these dogs are calm in the home and both are outstanding hunters. I can't emphasize enough - the trainability and cooperation that these two dogs process.


Abbey Lanes Roll'n Dozer stands at 25" and has 62 pounds of muscle. He is just over 7 years old. He is a great companion and an awesome hunter. He has the unique ability to find birds when all other dogs can't. He has sired over a dozen litters and passes on his wonderful bid able, cooperative temperament onto his puppies.


This will be an outcross breeding that has proven several times to produce puppies with tons of natural ability, high prey-drive, cooperative nature, and above all else, very trainable dogs. The pups are sure to come out with a variety of markings with some being liver/white, and some black/white, but certainly all will be beautiful!

The breeding between these two awesome dogs has already taken place. The multitude of repeat breedings with Dozer and Amity is a testament to just how wonderful these dogs are and how special they both are.

Please call right away if you are interested.

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If you have any questions about our breedings please feel free to contact us. Our dogs are top-notch athletic performers - they are bred and trained to succeed wildly in a hunting and outdoor atmosphere. The beautiful thing about our dogs is that even with being bred to do everything we could ever think to ask them to in a field or in water, they also are sweet and gentle with our family. A great companion and a great hunting partner.