We are planning a litter of GSP puppies in 2021.

On July 16th 2020. Amity gave birth to a litter of 7 beautiful puppies. All of these puppies were spoken for long before they were born. I am currently accepting names of people that would like to notified (before the general public) once I start accepting deposits for my summer of 2021 GSP litter.


This is Dreampoint Kennel's K Litter between our beautiful Bakervalley Amity and Abbey Lanes Roll'n Dozer - this will be Amity's fifth litter, (four of which are with Dozer). This litter no doubt will be an outstanding litter. Both Dozer and Amity excel in natural talents and cooperation. Both of these dogs are calm in the home and both are outstanding hunters. I can't emphasize enough - the trainability and cooperation that these two dogs process.


Abbey Lane's Roll'n Dozer stands at 25" and has 68 pounds of muscle. He is just over 5 years old. His trainer says that Dozer is the best dog in his kennel. This will be a repeat out cross breeding that has been proven twice before to produce puppies with tons of natural ability, high prey-drive, cooperative nature and above all else, very trainable dogs. The pups are sure to come out with a variety of markings and colors, but certainly, all will be beautiful! Their last two litters together have produced 50% of the puppies liver/white and 50% black/white. I am compiling a list of applicants that would like an early notification (before the general public) as to when I start accepting deposits.

The breeding between these two awesome dogs has already taken place.

Amity gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies on July 16th. 2020. As always those puppies were all spoken for (with deposits) long before they were born. Our next litter of puppies between Amity and Dozer is planned for the summer of 2021.


Feel free to call if you have any questions or if you'd like to be added to my early notification list.


If you have any questions about our breedings please feel free to contact us. Our dogs are top-notch athletic performers - they are bred and trained to succeed wildly in a hunting and outdoor atmosphere. The beautiful thing about our dogs is that even with being bred to do everything we could ever think to ask them to in a field or in water, they also are sweet and gentle with our family. A great companion and a great hunting partner.


Owner, Trainer, and Breeder: Ron Behnke

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