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German Shorthaired Pointer Breedings

Next Litter Planned for Spring of 2025 with Oakley!
Young Annie Oakley sitting next to owner just after having recieved her NAVHDA Natural Ability perfect score

Annie Oakley

Natural Ability, Prize 1


Bouncin' Clutch

Natural Ability, Prize 2

About this Breeding

This breeding is expected to take place in Spring of 2025.

This will be DreamPoint Kennels O Litter and the first with our amazing Annie Oakley, NA Prize 1, 112 and Bouncin' Clutch. Clutch is everything I love about GSPs. He comes from the lineage of my foundation line, which makes this breeding between him and Oakley very exciting. This breeding will highlight the best of the DreamPoint Kennels GSP line and is sure to produce amazing puppies that will have the same fantastic qualities that both Clutch and Oakley have.

About Oakley

Oakley comes from a long line of proven GSPs. As with all of our females, we believe she will produce amazing, beautiful puppies that have all of the prey drive, desire to please, and companionship you'd want in a GSP. Oakley excels in natural talents, has tons of cooperation, and is a fantastic hunter. Oakley is calm in the home and loves to play. I can't emphasize enough - Oakley has been a quick learner, and has immediately learned everything I've asked of her.

About Clutch

The sire for this upcoming litter is Bouncin Clutch. Clutch is a very handsome young dog. At a very young age of 7 months he received a score of 101 Prize 2 in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test. Clutch stands 27" at the shoulders and weighs 69 pounds.

Clutch's owner says, "Clutch's demeanor in the house is very docile and family friendly. His best friend is our 4 year old son. He loves to please the entire family and wants to play as much as we'll let him. He has high cooperation and has a high desire to please. In the field he is a totally different dog. His bird drive is very high and his athletic build allows him to cover lots of ground with ease. Even though he has a high bird drive, he still is easy to control in the field and I'm able to direct him with ease to any cover that I think may hold birds. He always checks back with me when hunting and will adjust his range depending on the cover that we're working. He definitely understands the concept of teamwork."

I had the privilege to hunt with Clutch in Kansas. His cooperation and mental balance are fantastic. I personally watched him track a covey of wild quail for 100 yards and then point them at the top of a hill. He's very cooperative and easy to handle. He is extremely handsome and very well built.

Have Questions?

Call Ron: 937-935-7335

Ready for your next companion?

To choose your preferred puppy, we follow a straightforward process. Please contact Ron via phone or email if you have any questions or want to express your interest. Ron will inform you about the deposit procedure, the number of existing deposits, and add you to the email list for litter updates. Act now and don't miss out!

Why choose a GSP?

Our GSPs are a perfect combination of hunting versatility, prey drive, and calm companionship that we adore.


We carefully selected the best dogs to start our DreamPoint Kennels GSP line and have added specific dogs along the way to enhance their attributes and temperament.


The German Shorthaired Pointer breed is known for their athleticism and makes an excellent family companion.


You will fall in love with the GSP breed, just like we did.

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