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Burgos Pointer Breedings

Puppies on the way!

Fama de Cogollos (Ninita)

Natural Ability, Prize 1


Chico Williams De Cogollos

About this Breeding

This will be the fourth litter of Burgos Pointers with our beautiful Ninita (Fama De Cogollos).

We are expecting puppies to be born in August of 2024 and ready for their new homes in early to late October.

We are now actively accepting deposits from qualified families.

About Ninita

Ninita was the first Burgos Pointer to ever run in a NAVHDA hunt test where she received a score of 110 points and a Prize 1. The first year Ninita pointed more wild pheasants in Ohio than any other dog I've ever worked with. I attribute this to her phenomenal scenting ability and methodical hunting style.

About Chico

Chico comes from the same top breeder in Spain as Ninita. He boasts an impressive pedigree with both show and field champion lines. Chico is not only handsome and confident, but also has a wonderful temperament and learns quickly. In the field, he displays excellent range, a remarkable retrieve, and an abundance of pointing instinct. I had the privilege of training Chico, and he is one of the finest Burgos Pointers I have ever worked with, thanks to his mental balance and blend of independence and cooperation.

Have Questions?

Call Ron: 937-935-7335

Ready for your next companion?

To choose your preferred puppy, we follow a straightforward process. Please contact Ron via phone or email if you have any questions or want to express your interest. Ron will inform you about the deposit procedure, the number of existing deposits, and add you to the email list for litter updates. Act now and don't miss out!

Why choose a Burgos?

Many bird dog breeds are known for their high energy levels and hyper behaviors, which can be challenge for some owners.


The Burgos Pointer is the solution to those wanting a more close ranging hunting dog that's calm in the home. 

The Burgos Pointer is fairly rare in the United States. I imported my first Burgos Pointer, Ninita, from Madrid and is everything I'd hoped she'd be and much more. Immediately my family and I fell in love with her hound-like looks and her clownish behavior. She is a calm, happy addition to our family.

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